Road of Songs

This 2 km long hiking trail, called “Strasse der Lieder”, takes you along the southern lakeside of beautiful Lake Achensee.

In 2006, Gotthilf Fischer, famous for its Fisher Choirs, on the largest lake of Tyrol - and one of the most beautiful - inaugurated the theme trail “Road of Songs”. At his and some locals celebrities’ suggestion, on a course of 2 km between Seespitz and Buchau, which are piers of the Achensee Shipping, 12 stations with popular folk songs were established.

The overall concept was ideated by Martin Reiter. The design of the single stations, however, was planned by Mag. Peter Schuh, diocese architect from Salzburg. His concept was realised by the smithy Guggenberger at Kramsach in stone and metal. This smithy is also famous for the Cemetery Museum Kramsach, the quirkiest museum of Tyrol, in which historic grave crosses with bizarre and interesting inscriptions are gathered. At Lake Achensee music becomes the language that reunites all the people with the greatest musical pieces of the German treasury of songs.

The Road of Songs is simply aimed at uniting people and combining the beauty of music and nature. By the way, this trail is also suitable for wheelchair users and prams. Some of the songs that are presented along this trail are called “Bergvagabunden”, “Glück auf, Glück auf”, “Im schönsten Wiesengrunde”, “Tirol, Tirol”. Enjoy singing and promenading!

Where: at the lakeside of Lake Achensee, between Seespitz and Buchau
Characteristics: a theme trail with popular folk songs
Further information: phone: +43 5243 5355-0,

Opening hours: all-the-year
freely accessible

Tickets (adults):
freely accessible

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