Innsbruck fixed rope route

This panoramic rope route takes alpinists across seven summits, from Hafelekar to Frau Hitt.

A great view on the chief city of Tyrol offers the Innsbruck fixed rope route, also called Hannes Gasser route. This Via Ferrata is secured by a 2,000 m long wire rope and 700 hooks. Off we go at the Hafelekar (2,269 m) which can be reached from the Hungerburg Castle in Innsbruck via Nordkettenbahn funicular.

After a short hike you reach the point where the rope route, which is also called “Hannes Gasser route”, actually starts. After a rather steep ascent you reach the Seegrubenspitze mountain, afterwards the Östliche (2,432 m), Mittlere (2,435 m) and Westliche Kaminspitze (2,445 m). After having conquered these peaks, you really need nerves of steel, as you have to get over the 8 m long pending bridge Seufzerbrücke. Further on you reach the Kemacher (2,480 m) and the Langer Sattel (2,258 m). At this point, those who broke out in a cold sweat already in the first part of the Via Ferrata shoult better descend to the Seegrube, as the second part is even more challenging.

Those who would like to proceed will soon reach the Östliche Sattelspitze mountain (2,369 m). After several vertical rocks alpinists reach the end of the panoramic fixed rope route, where a 35 m high wall with hooks and an overhanging rock are waiting to be conquered. Past Frau Hitt alpinists reach the Frau Hitt saddle. You got it! Now you can descend on a path to the Seegrube, from where you can go back to Innsbruck via Hungerburg funicual.

Starting point: Hafelekar Mountain Station
Difficulty: Via Ferrata C
Hike to the starting point: 15 min
Exposition: East
Very exposed climbing: yes
Refuges: Höttinger Alm
Via Ferrata: 4.5 h

Hiking Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Sonnblick: "Soaring" - Always towards the sun

    "Soaring" - Always towards the sun

    "Soaring" - Always towards the sun

    St. Leonhard im Pitztal
    from 06/30/18 to 09/16/18
    5 nights from 290 € per person
  2. Hotel Falknerhof am Ursprung: My first 3000m summit

    My first 3000m summit

    My first 3000m summit

    from 06/30/18 to 08/31/18
    7 nights from 560 € per person

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