Karwendel mountain chain

The Karwendel mountain chain offers numerous possibilities for those who love nature.

The Karwendel mountain chain, also simply called Karwendel, is part of the northern Limestone Alps and is largely located on Tyrolean territory, but also in Bavaria in Germany. The Karwendel mountain chain is connected to the Bavarian Alps - the denomination “Karwendel” describes the entire mountain range between the rivers Isar and Inn and Lake Achensee. The mountains in the Karwendel mainly consist of limestone and dolomite, which is particularly frequent in the Erlspitz mountain chain.

The main mountain ridges are inclined versus south and their scrap forms vertical rock faces of more than 1,000 metres. On the southern side there are further coombs, which have been formed by the glaciers in ice age. Hermann von Barth, alpinist who opened up most of the mountain ridge, introduced naming the mountains chains according to the valleys. The Karwendel mountain chain borders on the Bavarian pre-Alps, the Brandenberger Alps, Tux Alps, Mieminger mountain chain and Wetterstein mountain chain. In higher located coombs of the Karwendel you can often observe packs of chamois and in the area of the Sonnjoch there are also ibexes.

Peaks: some of the most important mountains in the Karwendel are the the Birkkarspitze (2,749 m), Hafelekarspitze (2,334 m), Frau Hitt (2,269 m), Erlspitze (2,404 m), the Gamsjoch (2,452 m), Sonnjoch (2,457 m), Vordere Brandjochspitze (2,559 m), Grosser Bettelwurf (2,725 m), Grosser Solstein (2,541 m) and the Torkopf (1,929 m).

Trails: the Karwendel mountain chain is a protected area. In fact the Karwendel Alpine Park includes an area of 727 sqkm and is one of the largest nature parks of the Eastern Alps. Popular starting points for hikes are Mittenwald, Scharnitz, Seefeld, Pertisau, Hall or Eng. The most popular fixed rope routes in the Karwendel are of course the Innsbruck and Mieming rope routes. A classical route is also the hike from Scharnitz to lake Achensee, which is characterised by an impressive mountain landscape.

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