Kitzbühel Alps

The Kitzbühel Alps extend in the Austrian provinces Tyrol and Salzburg.

The Kitzbühel Alps extend into the Zillertal valley and the Zeller See lake. In the south the Kitzbühel Alps are bounded by the Gerlos pass and the Salzachtal valley, which separates the mountain chain from the Venediger mountain group. In the north the mountain chain is bounded by the Kaiser mountain chain, in the north east by the Loferer Steinberge and the Leoganger Steinberge, in the east by the Salzburg Schieferalpe, in the south there is the Grossglockner mountain group, in the south west by the Zillertal Alps, in the west by the Tux Alps and in the north west by the Brandenberger Alps.

The Kitzbühel Alps include the areas St. Johann in Tirol, Kitzbühel, Pillerseetal, Brixental, Wildschönau and Alpbach.

Peaks: the most important summits of the Kitzbühel Alps are the Westliche Salzachgeier (2,469 m), Kröndlhorn (2,444 m), Grosser Rettenstein (2,366 m), Geissstein (2,363 m), Wildseeloderer (2,118 m), Grosse Beil (2,309 m), Grosse Galtenberg (2,425 m), Hohe Salve (1,828 m), Schmittenhöhe (1,965 m) and Hahnenkamm (1,712 m).

Trails: the mountain chain of the Kitzbühel Alps is characterised by rugged peaks and is perfect for hiking and skiing, as there are several large skiing regions in this area. Also a numerous alpine pastures and taverns characterise this area. Enjoy exploring the landscape!

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