Accommodations in Tyrol live up to the expectations of people seeking relaxation and well-being in their holidays.

Well-being is a concept that is more complex than we might guess. It takes discipline to keep in shape body and soul, and for this reason from time to time you have to take a break from everyday life.

Tyrol is one of the places that allows you to perfectly concentrate on your own body and soul. The forests, mountains and meadows cause a feeling of relaxation and calm your mind. The landlords in North and East Tyrol, however, complete this offer by lucrative offers. Moreover there are theme parks and leisure time facilities making you spend holidays hand in hand with nature. Your cultural hunger, however, is appeased in the museums or castles. As you might have noticed: Tyrol wears many hats.

Wellness is much more than just a modern term, but it is a need of every single person. People are evermore seeking “filling stations” in order to “fuel” energy for their everyday life. Tyrol is really an ideal spot of land for regaining one’s strenght!

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Alpenhof

    Hotel Alpenhof

  2. Hotel Kristall

    Hotel Kristall

  3. Aqua Dome

    Aqua Dome

  4. Naturhotel Kitzspitz

    Naturhotel Kitzspitz

  5. Posthotel Achenkirch

    Posthotel Achenkirch

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