Theme hotels

  1. Adult Friendly Hotels

    Adult Friendly Hotels

    Spending time in a hotel without children? Tyrol’s adult friendly hotels welcome…
  2. Hiking Hotels

    Hiking Hotels

    Accomodations in North and East Tyrol are often specialised on hikers and offer…
  3. Romantic Hotels

    Romantic Hotels

    Tyrol’s Romantic Hotels welcome couples with a special service in order to grant…
  4. Gourmet Hotels

    Gourmet Hotels

    In the shadow of the mountains, the Tyrolean cuisine in the best hotels of the…
  5. Family Hotels

    Family Hotels

    The hotels are looking forward to the little guests and offer everything your kids’…
  6. Ski Hotels

    Ski Hotels

    Ski boot dryers, weather and ski map… your ski holidays in Tyrol should be…
  7. Cycling Hotels

    Cycling Hotels

    The Cycling Hotels in Tyrol care for your bikes and offer for example special bike…
  8. Spa Hotels

    Spa Hotels

    The single Spa Hotels in Tyrol offer special treats and show you how to leave…
  9. Golf Hotels

    Golf Hotels

    The golf accomodations in Tyrol guarantee that there is a golf course in the…
  10. Motorbike Hotels

    Motorbike Hotels

    Numerous accomodations in Tyrol are specialised on motorbikes and their owners and…
  11. Horse Riding Hotels

    Horse Riding Hotels

    The specialised Horse Riding Hotels in Tyrol offer riding stables which either…
  12. Dog Friendly Hotels

    Dog Friendly Hotels

    Also several Dog Friendly Hotels in Tyrol are specialised on “holidays with dogs”…
  13. Castle Hotels

    Castle Hotels

    The offer of the specialised Castle Hotels in Tyrol include for example rooms in an…