Austria and music somehow belong together. And undoubtedly Tyrol belongs to Austria.

Tyrol and the mountains also make us think of folk music, or folk-schlager music. Marc Picher, a famous Austrian schlager singer, comes from Mayrhofen, while Hansi Hinterseer is a citizen of Kitzbühel.

However, of course Tyrol has got much more to offer. Both classical music and rock music are played in this area. The concerts in the concert halls and also open-air provide the cities with international flair. Moreover a festival for ancient forms of music is organised every year in Innsbruck. Generally speaking, citizens of Tyrol love music, and also guests do like the musical offer of Tyrol.

  1. Hansi Hinterseer

    Hansi Hinterseer

    From a successful ski racer to an even more successful pop singer, presenter and actor.
  2. DJ Ötzi

    DJ Ötzi

    Entertainer, pop singer and folk musician - DJ Ötzi is one of the most famous…
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