Skizentrum Jakob Defereggen
Skizentrum Jakob Defereggen

Winter sports funparks

Snowtube, halfpipe, boardercross, jumps and rails - the funparks of Tyrol are meeting point no. 1 for snowboarders and freestylers.

Many skiing areas in Tyrol boast funparks and snow parks, including the probably largest connected freestyle eldorado of the Alps from the mountain to the valley, the Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP. It consists of the three areas "All Fun", "Improve your skills" and "Get stoked". Here a small selection for you (in the picture the Brunnalm pasture in the Defereggental valley):

Stanton Park, Ski Arlberg skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: René Friedl
Elements: Beginner Area: Elephant Butter-Box 9 m, Flat/Down Butter-Box 6 m, Kicker Jumps, Dance Floor Butter-Box 4 m - Medium Area: Down Rail 8 m, Wave Box 8 m, Kicker Jumps, Flat/Down/Flat Tube 7 m, Flat/Down/Flat Box 10 m, Curved Box 9 m, Medium Area Shrek Jib 4 m - Advanced Area: Big Tube 6 m, Kicker 12 m, Wallride 6 m, Corner Jump 7 m, Down/Flat Rail 8 m, Flat Tube 7 m, Jump Tube 7 m, Advanced Area Rainbow Tube 7 m - Pro Area: Kicker 14 m, Flat Rail 8 m - Kids Park: Flat Butter-Box 3 m, Banked Run, Rainbow Butter-Boxes, Waverun

Kaunertal Park, Kaunertal Glacier skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Railex, Alex Fischer
Elements: Halfpipe 150 m (width 5 m, height 3 m), Straight Box 4 m, A-Frame Box 10 m, Kinked Box 10m, Big Rainbowrail, Downrail 12 m, Uprail 6 m, Updownbox 12 m, Doublekinked Rail 10 m, Kickerline with Doublekombo and Take-Offs, Easykickerline with Triplekombo and Take-Offs

Base Snowpark at the Gigijoch, Sölden skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Rudi Wyhlidal
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Proline, Halfpipe, Pipedragon, Gondola Rail, Snake Rail (14 m), A Frame Wallride (height 3 m, length 14 m), WU Rail (12 m), Y-Down Rail (9 m), Kinked Rails (6 m, 12 m), Double-Kinked Rail (12 m), Straight Rail (6 m, 12 m), Kicker 10/18 m, Kicker 8/12 m, Kicker 2/4 m, Boxes (4 m, 6 m), Curved Box
Additional: Chill-Out-Zone and sound system available

Ischgl Smart Park & Cross, Silvretta Arena - Ischgl ski region:
Shaper/constructor: Klaus "Captain K" Marko AUT
Elements: Roller Cross Line (7 elements), Large Kicker Line (10 elements), Medium Kicker Line (12 elements), SPC-Halftube Line (4 elements), Jib Line (8 elements), Small Kicker Line (6 elements), Proline XXL (5 elements), Proline XL (9 elements), Public Kicker L (5 elements), Public Kicker M (5 elements), Kids Roller (6 elements), Roller Jibbs (6 elements), Banked Jibbline (3 elements)

Snowpark Zeinis Galtür, Silvapark skiing area:
Elements: Kinked Boxes, Right Hand Box, Tabletop Kickers, Ledge Specials, Can Specials, Straight Box, A-frame Box, Straight Rail, Jumprail

Snowpark K-Park Kühtai, Kühtai skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Flo Fleischmann, Bjarni Thor Valdimarsson, Stefan Plattner
Elements: Rail & Jibline with Beginner Jib Line: Downbox - Flatbox - Lollypop - Flat-Down-Box & Advanced Jib Line: Downrail 6 m - L-Rail - Tank - Uprail, Kickerline, Lower Section-Halfpipe 120 m (height 6 m)

Stubaipark at the Sennjoch ski slope, Schlick 2000 skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Müller Lukas
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Proline, Pipedragon, Straight Rails (7 m, 3 m), Rainbow Rail (5 m), Kickers 3 m Table, Kickers 8-10 m, Kickers 15+ Table, Kinked Box 10 m
Additional: sound system available

Snowpark Moreboards Stubai Zoo, Stubai Glacier skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Bernie Kofler, Schneestern
Elements: Kicker, Stiffy jib, Hover Pipe Jib, Industry, Double Kinked, Rainbow Box, Up and Down Industry Pipe, Kinked Box, Close In Rail, Double Kinked Industry, Butter Box, Straight Rail, Funbox Jump, Lollipop Bonk, Curved Box, A-frame Box

Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen skiing area:
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Proline, Halfpipe 120 m (width 15 m, height 4 m), Pipedragon, Down Rail 18 m, D/F/D Rail 12 m, Kinked Rail 8 m, F/D/F Rail 11 m, Down Rail 9 m, Beginner: Table 3/5 m, Medium: Table 6/9 m, Pro: Table 12/15/20 m, Straight Box (9 m, 6 m, 5 m), Curved Box (6 m, 8 m), Rainbow Box 11 m, ProWallride 6 m, Kinked Box (7 m, 6 m), Picknick Table, A-Frame Box 9 m, Public Wallride 6 m, Up&Down Box 6 m, Mini Wallride 2 m
Additional: Chill-Out-Zone and sound system available

Arena Hot-Zone Snowpark Gerlos, ski region Zillertal Arena:
Shaper/constructor: Gogo Gossner
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Pipedragon, Jib-Line, equipped with 1 Rainbox Box, 1 Klinked Box, 1 Straight Box, 1 Curved Box
Additional: Chill-Out-Zone and sound system available

Action-Park Kreuzwiese Zell am Ziller, ski region Zillertal Arena:
Shaper/constructor: Manfred "Brandy" Brandacher, Hannes Sautner & Steve Gruber
Elements: Stepdown Kicker, Tabletop Kicker, 3er Kicker-line, Stepup Kicker, Bagjump, Flat Beginner 4m Box, Flat Down 8m Box, Kinked 8m Box, A-frame Box, Donkey 6m Pipeslide, Fulltube 5m Pipeslide, Metal Pipeslide, Wood Pipeslide, Picknick Table 4m, Butter Box, Snakerun

BetterPark Hintertux, Hintertux Glacier skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Kaufmann Wille
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Proline, Halfpipe 100 m (height 5,6 m), Pipedragon, Railslides, Railboxes, Pro Line: Kicker 18/15 m & Kicker 17/15 m, Medium Line: Kicker 12 m & Kicker 10 m, Easy Line: Kicker 6 m & Waves & Kicker 6 m, Flab Box 4 m, Rainbow Box 6 m, Curved Box 6 m

Bergsidepark Kirchberg, Kitzbühel skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: TwoBelowZero
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Straight Rail, Kinked-Rail, Kicker, Take-Offs (15-20 m, 10-12 m, 5-8 m), Jumps, Roller (12-15 m), Kinked Box (3 m, 4 m), A-Frame Box (3 m, 4 m, 3 m), Straight Boxes (6 m), Rainbow Box (4 m)

KitzSki Snowpark Hanglalm, Kitzbühel skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Franz Josef Lechner
Elements: 12 Kicker, 3 Rails, 12 Boxen, 5 Jibs, 2 Tubes and 1 Special

Boarders Playground Westendorf, SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Gogo Gossner
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Proline, Pipedragon, 10 m Atomic Rail, 8 m Nike ACG Rail, Rainbowrails, Kinked Rail, Straight Rails, Take-Offs, 10 m Public Park, 5 m Pro Park, Straight Box, C-Box
Additional: Chill-Out-Zone and sound system available

Intersport Kaiserpark Ellmau, SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental skiing area:
Elements: Pipedragon, Easyline with 3 Boxes (Flat - Up & Down - Flat), Expertline with 5 Boxes/Rails (Flatrail - Wallridespine-Rainbowbox - Flatbox - Kinkedbox & Picknicktable), 2-Kicker Combo, 2-Roller Combo
Additional: Chill-Out-Zone available

Snowpark Steinplatte, Waidring - Steinplatte skiing area:
Shaper/constructor: Florian Hasenauer
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Proline, Pipedragon, 6 m Down Rail, 6 m Straight Rail, Kinked Rail 4/6 m, Beginner Line with small Roller and Waves, Medium Line 2 Kicker with 6 m and 8 m Table, Pro Line with 2 Kicker with 2 Take-Offs with 10-16 m Table and 1 Multiple Box with 12 m Style Roller and Corner Jump, Kinked Box 4/6 m, 6 m Straight Box, 10 m Curved Box, Jib Tonne

Yellowsnow Hochpustertal, ski center Sillian - Hochpustertal:
Shaper/constructor: Flo Schmidhofer, Heli Mair, Christof Schett
Elements: Beginnerline, Mediumline, Proline, Beginner Straight Rail (6 m), Small Rainbow Rail (6 m), Big Rainbow Rail (12 m), Uprail (10 m), Down Rail (12 m), Kinked Rail 5/6 m, Easy Kicker (2 jumps 2 m, 4 m), Medium Kicker (1 jump 6 m), Beginner Kicker (2 jumps 8 m, 9 m), Pro Kicker (2 jumps 14 m, 15 m with Transfer), Corner (7 m, 15 m), Small Box 4 m, Fun Box Combi 4 m, Kinked Box 5/6 m
Additional: Chill-Out-Zone and sound system available

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