With huge shoes across fresh snow - snowshoeing makes you immerge into a fairytale-like winter landscape.

Who needs a chair lift or gondola lift to explore the landscape? Wear a pair of snowshoes and off we go! Snowshoes actually come from the Far North of America. Eskimos used these huge shoes to move along in winter in order not to sink into the snow. Today, however, snowshoeing has become a trendy sport, and those who have once tried this sport know the reason why it is that popular.

Snowshoeing is a special winter experience and enables you to explore the fairytale winter landscape off the beaten tracks and the crowded ski slopes. Due to the fact that the snowshoes prevent you from sinking into the snow and make walking on the surface very easy. The list of possible destinations for snowshoe tours is endless, no matter if you prefer pleasant walks across the forest, or scaling one summit after another.

Of course also a snowshoe tour must be thoroughly planned - for this purpose contact the local ski guides or alpine guides, who will love to give you advice or even guide you. Let’s go!

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