Zeiss Planetarium Schwaz

In the Zeiss Planetarium in the silver city of Schwaz, visitors can nearly touch the starlit sky.

In the Zeiss Planetarium Schwaz visitors can reach for the stars! Unlike in astronomical observatories visitors do not watch the stars through a telescope, but the glimmering stars are artificially projected into the planetarium. Optic precision devices as well as a 360 degree video equipment with sound system and effect projectors transform the cupola of the planetarium into space.

The planetarium offers shows on various topics, for instance black holes, the origins of life, astronautics as well as cosmic occurences like solar and lunar eclipses. In the cupola room the focus is set on providing information about the starry sky to children. Furthermore there are starry fairy-tales (Sternenmärchen) for adults and children, organised on a reguar basis: characters like the Moon Bear, or Flappi, the bat, show and explain the starlit sky and the cosmos. A galactic event centre for the whole family!

Where: Alte Landstrasse road, Schwaz
Characteristics: an artificially projected starlit sky
Further information: phone: +43 5242 72129, info@planetarium.at

Opening hours: all-the-year
for the shows (open 45 minutes earlier)

Ticket (adults):
11.50 Euros, family ticket available

Family Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Familyhotel Laurentius:

    from 06/07/19 to 06/15/19
    1 night from 128 € per person

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