THE TYROL PANORAMA with Kaiserjäger Museum

The Cyclorama of Innsbruck, the highlight of the museum, is a 360 degree portrayal of the 3rd Bergisel battle.

Located at the famous Bergisel hill in Innsbruck, THE TYROL PANORAMA museum, inaugurated in March 2011, offers a real highlight, which is the Cyclorama that has been resettled from the Rennweg road to the Bergisel. On more than 1,000 sqm the Cyclorama illustrates a historical Tyrolean event, which is the 3rd Bergisel battle of August 13, 1809. This piece of art was committed by Michael Zeno Diemer, sustained by the Tyrolean painter Franz Defregger (1835-1921).

However, the Cyclorama consists of an elevated platform, on which visitors can move. The “faux tarrain”, an artificial landscape, makes this piece of art seem almost real. The pictures are painted on curved canvas in a perspectively blurred way in order to make the pictures seem three-dimensional. In 1906 the Cyclorama has been transferred to London and exhibited in the “Royal Austrian Exhibition”, while in WWI it was hosted in Vienna. Fortunately the piece of art also survived WWII unscathed.

The Kaiserjäger Museum (Museum of the Tyrolean Imperial Infantry) is part of the new concept, and connected with THE TYROL PANORAMA via a special subterranean channel. It includes a permanent exhibition with exhibits regarding the history of Tyrol and provides information on nature, people, religion and politics. Make a journey across the milestones in the history of Tyrol, experience its culture and learn more about the Tyrolean freedom fights!

Where: at the Bergisel hill in Innsbruck
Peculiarity: the Cyclorama, beautiful panoramic view on Innsbruck
Further information: phone: +43 512 59489-611,

Opening hours: all-the-year
from Wednesday to Monday from 9 am to 5 pm
in July and August “Long Thursday” till 7 pm
December 24 open till 2 pm (free admission)
December 31 open till 2 pm
closed on December 25 and January 1
Ticket (adults):
8.00 Euros, combined ticket for the Tyrolean State Museums (11.00 Euros) or combined ticket Bergisel Ski Jump - “DAS TIROL PANORAMA” museum available

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