House of Fasnacht Nassereith

The custom of the “Nassereither Schellerlaufen” in the Carnival period is explained in this particular museum.

The “Schellerlaufen” is a Tyrolean Carnival custom, which takes place every three years, next time in 2019. For weeks it keeps the village of Nassereith, located at the foot of the Fern pass, in suspense. The custom starts on the 6th of January and culminates on Fat Thursday, when 400 men dressed up with masks and pelts noisily trek through the village at midday. The procession ends at 6 pm when the evening prayer starts. The main characters are the bear (spring) and the beater of the bear (winter). All characters have always been performed by men.

The name “Schellerlaufen”, which has been used and documented first in 1951, goes back to the traditional bells (Schelle, in German), which play an important role in the procession. The first written mention of this custom can be found already in 1740, but it is supposed that it is much older. In 2012 the “Nassereither Schellerlaufen” was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. Besides Imst, Telfs and Thaur the “Nassereither Schellerlauf” is among the largest and most beautiful Carnivals in the entire Alps.

In 2008 a little museum to the topic, the House of Fasnacht (Fasnachtshaus Nassereith), was inaugurated and offers the possibility to experience this old custom all year. 450 artfully carved wooden masks done by local artists and utensils from former times are exhibited. The exhibition is the largest archive of masks in the entire Alps! Special exhibitions, readings and a little museum shop complete the range.

Where: Nassereith, Sachsengasse alley
Characteristics: the “Nassereither Schellerlaufen” custom, largest archive of masks in the entire Alps
Further information: phone: +43 676 9459884,

Opening hours: from June 1 to August 31, 2019
Fridays from 4 to 7 pm
guided tours for groups of at least 10 people also off-season (phone: +43 680 3131184)

Ticket (adults):
3.00 Euros

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