House of Fasnacht Imst

On 2012 the Imst Carnival was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Every four years the famous carnival event “Schemenlaufen” takes place at Imst. The next event will be on 2020. Together with the performances of Nassereith, Telfs and Thaur it is one of the biggest and more beautiful carnival events of the whole alpine area. Its highlight, the “Schemenlaufen”, usually takes place on Sunday before Fat Thursday. It starts early in the morning and goes on until 6 pm. Whilst the women are responsible for the realization of the costumes, the men represent both the male and the female figures. There perform many original groups of figures, amongst others the bear-gang and the witches.

As known also from other carnival customs, the “Schemenlaufen” is an old tradition and the main theme is the conflict between winter and spring. The small museum (Haus der Fasnacht Imst), which is located behind the parish church, has been born in the barn of the so called “Glaserhaus”. The building passed into public ownership in 1993 and has been renovated with attention to detail.

The House of Fasnacht Imst uses modern technology to show impressions of the “Schemenlaufen” from the 1930s until today. In that way the tradition is kept alive and is accessible the whole year over. Main exhibits are also the many new and old masks, and a making-of explains the realization of such a traditional wooden mask. The House of Fasnacht Imst earned the Tyrolean Museum Award in 2003!

Where: Streleweg road, in the centre of Imst
Characteristics: the tradition of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity “Imster Fasnacht”
Further information: phone: +43 664 60698 221,

Opening hours: all-the-year
Fridays from 4 to 7 pm and upon request

Ticket (adults):
5.00 Euros, combined ticket House of Fasnacht - Museum at the Ballhaus available (6.00 Euros)

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