Hall Mint Museum

Hasegg Castle in the medieval town of Hall in Tirol is the birthplace of the dollar and the thaler.

With the aid of “Franz”, the audioguide, visitors can investigate on 500 years of mint history and can even get on to the track of mint manipulators and technical sensations. Imposing machines and precious mints expect you and your family at the Hall Mint Museum. For young visitors, there is a child-tailored version of the audioguide and they can even exhibit their talents, becoming junior mint master.

The Mint Tower, symbol of the city, fascinates with light and sound effects and provides information on the history of the city in the Hall Municipal Museum. The computer terminal provides background information regarding city and architecture and makes visitors fly like a bird up the tower by means of a special computer programme. The ascent of the tower is rewarded by a fantastic view. The falcon area, however, hosts falcons that have been brought up in the tower and of course you can see these animals live.

In the integrated Museum of City Archeology you can watch archeologists at work. Items dating back to the Middle Ages, exhibited in the vitrines, reveal the hard life of these days. The triple-run circular staircase, which is an exceptional architectonic pecularity, takes you to the Europe Thaler, the largest silver thaler of the world, attracting visitors from all over with its 20 kg of silver. And in the end, in the shop of the museum, you can mint your own coin… great, isn’t it?

Where: on Hasegg Castle, Hall in Tirol
Characteristics: here is the birthplace of the dollar and the thaler
Further information: phone: +43 5223 5855520, info@muenze-hall.at

Opening hours winter: from November 2017 to March 2018
from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm
closed on Nov 1, 2017 / Dec 24 - 26, 2017 / Dec 31, 2017 / Jan 1, 2018
3rd week of January to the 2nd week of March open only upon request for groups of at least 15 people
Ticket (adults) winter:
8.00 Euros (Mint Museum) / 5.50 Euros (Mint Tower) / 11.50 Euros (combined ticket)

Opening hours summer: from April to October 2017
from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm
Ticket (adults) summer:
8.00 Euros (Mint Museum) / 5.50 Euros (Mint Tower) / 11.50 Euros (combined ticket)

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