After exhausting hikes on hot summer days you can enjoy a break or a jump in one of the cool lakes of Tyrol.

There are several lakes in the beautiful landscape of Tyrol, which are perfect for a jump after a hike (in the pic Lake Kaltwassersee in the surroundings of Seefeld). Bigger lakes like Lake Achensee offer various activities such as sailing and windsurfing!

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  1. Lake Achensee

    Lake Achensee

    Lake Achensee, also called “Fjord of the Alps”, is located in Jenbach and is the…
  2. Lake Schlitters

    Lake Schlitters

    Lake Schlitters is ideal for bathing and represents a popular recreation area with…
  3. Rossau Pond

    Rossau Pond

    The quarry pond Rossau is located on the outskirts of Innsbruck and is the second…
  4. Lake Berglsteiner

    Lake Berglsteiner

    Lake Berglsteiner is located in the Kufsteiner Land area between Kramsach and…
  5. Lake Brennersee

    Lake Brennersee

    Lake Brennersee is located only a stone’s throw from the Passo del Brennero at…
  6. Lake Dorfer

    Lake Dorfer

    The Dorfer valley near Kals am Grossglockner is well-known for its Dabaklamm gorge…
  7. Lake Gepatschspeicher

    Lake Gepatschspeicher

    In the upper Kaunertal valley in the Oetztal Alps, there is an artificial lake…
  8. Lake Haldensee

    Lake Haldensee

    Lake Haldensee with its 77 hectares is located close to the homonymous locality of…
  9. Lake Hechtsee

    Lake Hechtsee

    Lake Hechtsee is located in the district of Kufstein at the border of Austria and…
  10. Lake Heiterwang

    Lake Heiterwang

    Beeing situated at 976 m asl at the foot of the Thaneller mountain, Lake Heiterwang…
  11. Lake Herzsee

    Lake Herzsee

    Lake Herzsee is located near Aldrans in the district of Innsbruck Land and is…
  12. Lake Hintersteiner

    Lake Hintersteiner

    Lake Hintersteiner in the Wilder Kaiser natural reserve belongs to the territory of…
  13. Lake Klapfsee

    Lake Klapfsee

    A well-known hike in the Tilliacher valley (or Dorfer valley) in East Tyrol…
  14. Lake Krummsee

    Lake Krummsee

    Lake Krummsee at Kramsach is one of the warmest lakes for bathing in Tyrol.
  15. Lake Lans

    Lake Lans

    Lake Lans, located at 980 m asl on the outskirts of Innsbruck, is a popular bathing lake.
  16. Lake Laserzsee

    Lake Laserzsee

    In the realm of the Lienz Dolomites, the Karlsbader mountain hut and Lake Laserzsee…
  17. Lake Lauchsee

    Lake Lauchsee

    Lake Lauchsee in the beautiful Pillersee valley is a popular lake for bathing and fishing.
  18. Lake Lichtsee

    Lake Lichtsee

    Lake Lichtsee is located at 2,100 m asl in sheltered position and is characterised…
  19. Lake Mölssee

    Lake Mölssee

    Lake Mölssee is situated in the district of Innsbruck Land and is one of the…
  20. Lake Natters

    Lake Natters

    Lake Natters, perfect for a swim in summer, is located in the west of the…
  21. Neualpl Lake District

    Neualpl Lake District

    The Neualpl Lake District at 2,450 m asl is accessible from Mt Zettersfeld, the…
  22. Lake Obernberg

    Lake Obernberg

    Lake Obernberg is a mountain lake located at 1,590 m asl in the Stubai Alps in Tyrol.
  23. Lake Obersee

    Lake Obersee

    At the Passo Stalle, the mountain pass between South Tyrol and East Tyrol, Lake…
  24. Lake Obstans

    Lake Obstans

    In the East Tyrolean part of the Carnic Alps, Lake Obstans with the eponymous…
  25. Lake Pfrillsee

    Lake Pfrillsee

    The smallest of the six bathing lakes in the west of Kufstein is called Lake…
  26. Lake Piburg

    Lake Piburg

    In the heart of a fabulous protected area, at an altitude of 915 m, you come across…
  27. Lake Pillersee

    Lake Pillersee

    Lake Pillersee, located in the homonymous valley, is a mountain lake in the…
  28. Lake Plansee

    Lake Plansee

    Lake Plansee is located close to the municipalities Breitenwang and Heiterwang in…
  29. Lake Reintaler

    Lake Reintaler

    Lake Reintaler is the largest lake in the so-called “Kramsacher Seengebiet” area.
  30. Lake Reith

    Lake Reith

    Lake Reith, located in the heart of Reith im Alpbachtal, is one of the five lakes…
  31. Lake Rifflsee

    Lake Rifflsee

    Lake Rifflsee is the largest lake of the Oetztal Alps and is located at the…
  32. Schlegeis Basin

    Schlegeis Basin

    Lake Schlegeis is located in the Zillertal valley, underneath the famous Olperer…
  33. Lake Schwarzsee

    Lake Schwarzsee

    Between Kitzbühel and Reith, there is the idyllic lake Schwarzsee, located at 762 m asl.
  34. Durlassboden Basin

    Durlassboden Basin

    The reservoir of Durlassboden stretches in the Austrian states of Tyrol and Salzburg.
  35. Zillergründl Basin

    Zillergründl Basin

    At 1,850 m asl, there is one of the five artificial lakes of the Zillertal valley,…
  36. Lake Tassenbach

    Lake Tassenbach

    The artificial lake Tassenbach offers a nature educational trail and is located in…
  37. Stillup Basin

    Stillup Basin

    The Stillup Basin is an artificial lake in the Zillertal valley, located in the…
  38. Lake Stimmersee

    Lake Stimmersee

    Lake Stimmersee is an artificial lake at Langkampfen in the district of Kufstein.
  39. Lake Thiersee

    Lake Thiersee

    A lake for those who love a swim is Lake Thiersee, located in the centre of…
  40. Lake Trams

    Lake Trams

    Lake Trams above Zams and Landeck is a popular lake for bathing.
  41. Lake Traualpsee

    Lake Traualpsee

    The artificial lake Traualpsee is located in the beautiful Allgäu Alps and is a…
  42. Lake Tristach

    Lake Tristach

    The lake of Tristach, located in the homonymous municipality, is the only lake for…
  43. Lake Urisee

    Lake Urisee

    Lake Urisee is a little lake for bathing in the surroundings of Reutte.
  44. Lake Vilsalpsee

    Lake Vilsalpsee

    The deep blue lake in the Vilsalpsee Nature Reserve is one of the most popular…
  45. Lake Walchsee

    Lake Walchsee

    Lake Walchsee, a popular lake for bathing, is located at the identically named…
  46. Lake Wildensee

    Lake Wildensee

    Lake Wildensee in East Tyrol is accessible within a beautiful walking tour along…
  47. Lake Wildsee - Reither Moor

    Lake Wildsee - Reither Moor

    Lake Wildsee with the respective natural reserve Reither Moor at the western…
  48. Lake Zireiner

    Lake Zireiner

    Lake Zireiner, “the Jewel of the Rofan” is considered to be the most beautiful…

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