Natural monuments

Fairytale-like natural scenarios expect you in Tyrol, starting with waterfalls right through to deep gorges.

Astonishingly beautiful natural scenarios expect you in the most beautiful places of Tyrol (pic: the Obere Schildbach waterfall).

Embedded in an amazing scenery, there are gorges, waterfalls and caves. The variety of offers is huge, and the choice is yours!

  1. Grawa waterfall

    Grawa waterfall

    The Grawa waterfall in the Stubaital valley belongs to the concept “WildeWasserWeg”…
  2. Schleier waterfall

    Schleier waterfall

    The Schleier waterfall, cascading between Going and St. Johann in Tirol, is an…
  3. Stuiben waterfall

    Stuiben waterfall

    The largest waterfall of Tyrol is located in Umhausen, close to Längenfeld in North Tyrol.
  4. Umbal waterfalls

    Umbal waterfalls

    The first European Water Trail snakes in the surroundings of the Umbal waterfalls…
  5. Dabaklamm gorge / Dorfer valley

    Dabaklamm gorge / Dorfer valley

    The Dabaklamm gorge and the Dorfer valley are located in the surroundings of Kals…
  6. Galitzenklamm gorge

    Galitzenklamm gorge

    The Galitzenklamm gorge and its water educational trail are located in the holiday…
  7. Gleirschklamm gorge

    Gleirschklamm gorge

    The wild-romantic Gleirschklamm gorge at Scharnitz narrates about periods of time…
  8. Kaiserklamm gorge

    Kaiserklamm gorge

    The Kaiserklamm gorge at Brandenberg is located in one of the most beautiful canyon…
  9. Kundl gorge

    Kundl gorge

    Kundl in the Inntal valley boasts one of the most beautiful natural canyons of Austria.
  10. Leutaschklamm gorge

    Leutaschklamm gorge

    A ghost as well as his goblins warmly welcome you in the Leutaschklamm gorge.
  11. Pitzenklamm gorge

    Pitzenklamm gorge

    The Luis Trenker trail and an educational trail stretch across the impressive…
  12. Rosengarten-Schlucht gorge

    Rosengarten-Schlucht gorge

    One of the most beautiful gorges of Austria begins in Imst, one of the largest…
  13. Salvesen gorge

    Salvesen gorge

    The Salvesen gorge with its educational trail for children is a natural monument…
  14. Tiefenbachklamm gorge

    Tiefenbachklamm gorge

    Beside the Kaiserklamm gorge, the Tiefenbachklamm gorge is the second canyon in the…
  15. Wolfsklamm gorge

    Wolfsklamm gorge

    From Stans you can reach the pilgrimage site of St. Georgenberg across the…
  16. Zammer Lochputz

    Zammer Lochputz

    The so-called Zamer Lochputz in the Oberinntal valley is known as the “mystic…
  17. Hundalm ice cave

    Hundalm ice cave

    In the north of Wörgl in Tyrol, there is the Hundalm ice cave, which represents an…
  18. Obstans ice cave

    Obstans ice cave

    A mountain experience of the special kind is the ice cave of Obstans, located…
  19. Spannagel cave

    Spannagel cave

    The Spannagel cave, which is the highest located show cave of Europe, is located in…

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