Matzen Castle

Matzen Castle is perfectly integrated into the nature of the Inntal valley - eye-catching is above all the enormous castle park.

Castel Matzen is located in the municipality of Reith im Alpbachtal and was mentioned for the first time around 1167 AD. Up to the year 1468, the facility was owned by the Knights of Freundsberg. Afterwards the castle repeatedly changed hands.

Matzen Castle is made up of a north and south wing, both elongated, a short connection wing and a round, Romanesque donjon in the east. In the inner courtyard, you can admire Arcadias with a groined vault with round octagonal marble columns of the 16th century, on four different floors. The entrance hall is furnished with a beamed ceiling, this is also where in 1968 late Gothic paintings of tendrils and coats of arms, dating back to 1500, were laid open. In 1873, renovations on behalf of the Irish Fanny Reade of Mount Heaton-Grohmann, an enthusiastic Tyrol devotee, were carried out. In the course of these works the living areas have been equipped with panellings and inventory of Tyrol and Upper Austria.

In the northern wing, there is another historical jewel. The Gotic chapel was first mentioned in 1470. The Baroque altar with a wooden crucifix dated back to 1500 and is exhibited in the Tyrolean State Museum since 1978. Today Castel Matzen is one of the most significant historical facilities of Tyrol and also houses a hotel as well as a restaurant. The castle is surrounded by a park of 200,000 sqm, the Matzen park with its castle pond, one of the most precious and beautiful natural monuments of Tyrol.

Where: a little distance outside Reith im Alpbachtal, along the Austrian state road
Characteristics: one of the most impressive historical facilities of Tyrol, large castle park
Further information: phone: +43 5337 21200 40,

Opening hours:

Ticket (adults):
castle park free accessible, access to the castle for hotel guests only

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