Rosengarten-Schlucht gorge

One of the most beautiful gorges of Austria begins in Imst, one of the largest cities of Tyrol.

The Schinderbach river thunders and roars across the 2 km long Rosengartenschlucht gorge, in which for centuries a year-long struggle between water and rocks has been taking place. This beautiful gorge begins close to the centre of Imst at the Johannes church.

On your way to the gorge you can see several residential houses, which are built into the rock faces of the gorge - an astonishing sight. Further on the gorge, which is delimited by a 100 m high rock face, becomes more and more narrow. By walking on you will reach the “Blue Grotto”, a little cavern, in which already in Roman times people have been searching for argentiferous stones. From the “Blue Grotto” you can reach Hoch-Imst, but if you would like to reach your starting point, return on one of the hiking paths.

The Rosengartenschlucht gorge is one of the most worthwhile biotopes of Tyrol. Particularly for geologists the gorge is a real treasure chest, as it reflects millions of years of history of earth. Furthermore the gorge is rich in flowers, animals and various stones. The moist climate facilitates the growth of a great variety of ferns and mosses. This natural monument is a perfect destination for a trip with your family. A walk throughout the gorge and back will take you about three hours. Please consider that the gorge is not accessible in winter!

Where: Imst
Starting point: the Johannes church (close to the centre)
Peculiarities: one of the most beautiful gorges of Austria and one of the most worthwhile biotopes of Tyrol

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