Kals am Grossglockner

Kals expects you at the Grossglockner mountain, the “King of the Eastern Alps” (3,798 m asl).

Altitude: 1,325 m asl

The picturesque municipality Kals am Grossglockner puts emphasis on customs and traditions: there are theatre performances on a regular basis and the treasury of songs is kept alive by a number of associations. Moreover the local museum, the “Glocknermuseum”, provides an insight into the articles of daily use and traditional costumes of bygone times.

Kals (Slav.: mud, puddle) is characterised by a lively history. Already in Stone Age this area has been inhabited by hunters and gatherers. This is what findings including ibex pates, which have been aligned circularly round a fireplace, prove. However, also a sword of the Bronce Age has been found. An insomuch interesting surrounding that is steeped in history of course hides other secrets…

Its position transforms Kals am Grossglockner into a Mecca for those who love the mountains: the Grossglockner panoramic road takes you to a car park, which is also the starting point for hikes to this famous mountain. Many also gather to take a look at the Grossglockner - and you won’t forget this view! Even in the emblem the mountain is eternalised. However, the mountains also characterise the offer in winter: the Grossglockner Resort Kals-Matrei ski region features 41.5 km of ski slopes and 16 lift facilities.

Our recommendation: in the valley there are the last six preserved and restaured mills that still grind corn! The open air museum can be reached on a path across the forest. Moreover every July there is the “Kalser Mühlenfest”, a festival dedicated to these mills.

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