Dogs on public transport

Travelling by public transport such as bus, train or funicular with your dog? This you have to know in Tyrol…

In Tyrol principally dogs are taken along on all public transport provided that the dog is kept on a lead and wears a muzzle. Very important of course is to show respect - please always pay attention that other passengers are not disturbed or bothered and that your dog does not damage anything.

Transport of dogs on buses and urban trains:
dogs are willingly taken along on public transport of the Tyrolean Transportation Authority Tirol VTT, buses and urban trains, even without payment. Your four-legged friend has to wear a muzzle and must be leashed (not valid for assistance dogs).

Transport of dogs on trains:
the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) allow, that dogs can be taken along on their trains. Small dogs, kept in a container, as well as assistance dogs which are registered in the certificate of disability, are transported for free. If not so, the dog owner has to pay a flat rate of 2.00 Euros until 98 km/tariff unit and 10% of the full ticket price for a distance of more than 98 km/tariff unit for the dog. Also here your four-legged friend has to be leashed, must wear a muzzle and may only sit on the floor. Before you start your trip, please inform yourself about the chosen connection.

Transport of dogs on cable cars:
also on most of the cable cars dogs are welcome and taken along with pleasure. As usual, also here the dog must be kept on a lead and has to wear a muzzle. Some railway operators transport your dog even for free, others demand a ticket also for your four-legged friend. Please inform yourself about the valid regulations before you start the journey.

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