The traditional “Perchtenlauf” in Tyrol is aimed at banishing winter and evil winter spirits.

Every year in December awesome shapes walk across Tyrol and try to banish winter and its evil spirits. The so called “Perchten” are similar to devils and their name probably derives from the legend figure “Perchta”. According to another theory, the name derives from “Epiphany”.

“Perchten” are no lone wolfs and usually occur in packs, which are called “Passen”. Boys who are dressed up wear weird masks as well as bells and clips round their waists, which should put to flight winter and all evil winter spirits. Moreover they beat the drums and make a noise.

Often the “Perchten” walk from door to door and are also let in by the host. Before walking to the next door they thank the host with a noisy concert. According to tradition, this custom dates back to pagan times…

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