Skitour Lienzer Dolomiten Winter
Skitour Lienzer Dolomiten Winter


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Close to Nussdorf-Debant - offers

4 Offers

  1. Vergeiner’s Hotel Traube: Golfing - Dolomites

    Golfing - Dolomites

    less than 3 km away from Nussdorf-Debant

    Golf against the backdrop of the Dolomites and stay in the heart of Lienz. Stylish rooms, relaxed ambience, relax on the 6th floor with a panoramic view over the roofs of Lienz.

    from  04/02/23  to  10/31/23

    2 nights from 242 € per person

  2. Ferienhotel Laserz: Sunny skiing days Osttirol

    Sunny skiing days Osttirol

    less than 6 km away from Nussdorf-Debant

    Weekend including skipass

    from  12/17/22  to  03/12/23

    3 nights from 355 € per person

  3. Ferienhotel Laserz: Package "SkiHit Osttirol"

    Package "SkiHit Osttirol"

    less than 6 km away from Nussdorf-Debant

    Join the skiing adventure

    from  01/06/23  to  03/12/23

    7 nights from 814 € per person

  4. Ferienhotel Laserz: Package "Impressions of the Dolomites"

    Package "Impressions of the Dolomites"

    less than 6 km away from Nussdorf-Debant

    A corresponding offer for spontaneous people and those who only want to spend a few days skiing.

    from  01/07/23  to  03/12/23

    4 nights from 485 € per person