Bungee jumping

Get past your fear and give bungee jumping a trial - simply jump.

This sport is becoming increasingly popular and Tyrol is a perfect place for performing jumps from bridges. Bungee jumping is for example offered from the Europa bridge near Innsbruck (see pic), which is also one of the highest and most remarkable places where to jump from, as you can enjoy 192 m of free falling into the gorge beneath the bridge. Flying time is about 5 seconds and the maximum speed is about 120 km/h.

However, also the Benjamin-Raich bridge, which is named after the ski star, is equally popular for bungee jumping. From this bridge you jump about 94 metres down into the Pitztalklamm gorge. By the way, on this bridge bungee jumping also possible in winter.

Are you afraid? Have you ever tried this great experience? Imagine making the last passes towards the edge of the bridge… wouldn’t you like to experience this feeling?! Come to Tyrol and dare this rush of adrenaline, the bungee rope won’t leave you in the lurch.

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