Lienz Dolomites - East Tyrol

The holiday region Lienz Dolomites includes the area from the chief city Lienz to the Lavanttal valley.

Lienz, the chief city of East Tyrol, is a small town which is very interesting from a cultural point of view. Bruck Castle with the museum and Tammerburg Castle are repeatedly venue for concerts and exhibitions. However, also the Phono Museum in the centre of the city attracts a range of visitors, as it is unique of its kind. Thanks to the combination of Mediterranean flair and the excellent restaurants offering Tyrolean delicacies, Lienz and its villages render this area a very popular holiday destination.

The name “Lienz Dolomites” itself comprises a mistake, as the mountains do actually not belong to the formation of the Dolomites. However, as these mountains directly border on the Dolomites, this part of the Gailtal Alps is commonly known as Lienz Dolomites. Delight in natural beauty of the mountain range: in summer the Lienz Dolomites transform into a great hiking area, offering a splendid panoramic view, and in winter you can enjoy skiing on 37 km of ski slopes in the Lienzer Bergbahnen skiing area.

  1. Ainet

    Alpine pastures make up half of the municipal area of Ainet.
  2. Amlach

    The municipality Amlach is located at the foot of the Lienz Dolomites along the…
  3. Assling

    Assling with its 2,000 inhabitants is above all popular for the wildlife park.
  4. Dölsach

    Dölsach is located near the well-known Roman archeological site Agentum.
  5. Gaimberg

    The municipality Gaimberg is located in the north of Lienz at the southern slopes…
  6. Iselsberg-Stronach

    The municipality Iselsberg-Stronach offers a great view on the city of Lienz, on…
  7. Lavant

    The municipality Lavant is a holiday destination which is very popular with those…
  8. Leisach

    At Leisach, an idyllic village close to Lienz, the Pustertal valley high road starts.
  9. Lienz

    Lienz, known as the “Pearl of the Dolomites” offers a wide range of leisure time…
  10. Nikolsdorf

    Nikolsdorf, Lengberg, Nörsach and some single farms form the municipality of Nikolsdorf.
  11. Nussdorf-Debant

    Only 4 km from Lienz and embedded in a basin, there is the holiday village…
  12. Oberlienz

    Oberlienz is idyllically located in the beautiful Lienz Dolomites.
  13. Schlaiten

    The municipality of Schlaiten is located on a terrace above the Iseltal valley.
  14. Thurn

    The sunny village of Thurn is located about 2 km above Lienz.
  15. Tristach

    The holiday village Tristach is located at the homonymous lake, the only lake for…

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