Due to the mountains, Tyrol also offers pass roads and a considerable number of hairpin bends.

The highest points of Tyrol that are trafficable are located above 2,000 m asl. These points can be reached via long pass roads characterised by a multitude of hairpin bends.

Now we might have attracted the attention of motorcyclists, as these turns are a particular attraction for them. Tyrol offers all prerequisites for holidays with your motorbike: the roads, the altitude, and of course accommodation that cater for your special needs.

And if one day you prefer spending a day withouthout your “mean machine”, ditch your motorbike and relax, as this is very easy to do in Tyrol.

Motorbike Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Belmont: Biker Special

    Biker Special

    Biker Special

    from 05/25/17 to 10/21/17
    2 nights from 99 € per person

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Belmont

    Hotel Belmont

  2. Hotel Goldried

    Hotel Goldried

  3. Landgasthof Lenzer

    Landgasthof Lenzer