Museen & Ausstellungen 2011

Museums and exhibitions

Interested in culture? Tyrol offers a multitude of interesting museums, the choice is yours.

North Tyrol and East Tyrol has got a wide range of museums to offer. The museums and exhibitions provide interesting information about the history of Tyrol, culture and other topics like the world of bees or Tyrolean farmhouses (pic: the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum in Innsbruck).

From the Grassmayr Bells Museum to the House of People and the Arsenal Innsbruck - have fun!

  1. Alpenverein-Museum 2012  

    This museum illustrates the history of the Österreichischer Alpenverein (OeAV) and Alpinism in general.  more

  2. Alpinarium Galtür Winter 2014  

    The Alpinarium consists of an exhibition, a café, an indoor climbing wall, an internet lounge as well as seminar rooms.  more

  3. Augustinermuseum Rattenberg 2011  

    This museum has been inaugurated in 1993 in Rattenberg am Inn and is a former Augustinian monastery.  more

  4. aut. architektur und tirol 2011  

    Exhibitions, presentations, discussions, and much more expect you in the historic building of Lois Welzenbacher.  more

  5. Bergbauernmuseum Wildschönau 2012  

    The historic walls of the “z’Bach” museum in Wildschönau would have much to tell about farmers’ lives in Tyrol.  more

  6. Ferdinandeum 2014  

    The name of the Tyrolean State Museum in Innsbruck is referable to archduke Franz Ferdinand.  more

  7. Glockenmuseum Grassmayr 2011  

    For 14 generations the Grassmayr family has been producing bells for the whole world.  more

  8. Museum der Völker 2013  

    This museum in Schwaz, the unique ethnographic museum of western Austria, represents a meeting place.  more

  9. Münze Hall & Münzerturm 2011  

    Hasegg Castle in the medieval town of Hall in Tirol is the birthplace of the dollar and the thaler.  more

  10. Museum im Ballhaus 2011  

    This museum is placed in a building dating back to the 16th century and documents the history of the city of Imst.  more

  11. Museum in der Widumspfiste Fügen 2011  

    This museum illustrates folk culture and tradition of the Zillertal valley and the history of the Christmas song…  more

  12. Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe 2011  

    This Tyrolean open-air museum is located between Innsbruck and Kufstein and has been founded in 1974.  more

  13. Ötztaler Heimatmuseum Winter 2012  

    The folklore museum and the so-called “Gedächtnisspeicher” close to Längenfeld provide interesting information…  more

  14. Römerstadt Aguntum 2011  

    The Roman settlement “Municipium Claudium Aguntum” is located in the municipality Dölsach, not far from Lienz.  more

  15. Ski- und Heimatmuseum St. Anton Winter 2012  

    This interesting museum illustrates the development of alpine skiing in a very clear way.  more

  16. Tirol Panorama Winter 2012  

    The Cyclorama of Innsbruck, the highlight of the museum, is a 360 degree portrayal of the 3rd Bergisel battle.  more

  17. Tiroler Bienenwelt 2011  

    Experience a Tyrolean apiary in a 400 year old farmhouse and immerse into the world of bees.  more

  18. Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum 2011  

    The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum in Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful of its kind throughout Europe.  more

  19. Tiroler Volksliedarchiv 2011  

    The Tyrolean Folk Song Archive in Innsbruck is dedicated to Tyrolean Folk Music.  more

  20. Zeughaus Innsbruck 2014  

    The Zeughaus, the Regional Museum, originally was a weapon stockpile.  more

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