Museums and exhibitions

Interested in culture? Tyrol offers a multitude of interesting museums, the choice is yours.

North Tyrol and East Tyrol has got a wide range of museums to offer. The museums and exhibitions provide interesting information about the history of Tyrol, culture and other topics like the world of bees or Tyrolean farmhouses (pic: the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum in Innsbruck).

From the Grassmayr Bells Museum to the House of People and the Arsenal Innsbruck - have fun!

  1. Lake Achensee Museum World

    Lake Achensee Museum World

    The Lake Achensee Museum World in Maurach shows the way of life and working in the…
  2. Alpine Farmers’ Museum Alpbach

    Alpine Farmers’ Museum Alpbach

    The Alpine Farmers’ Museum Alpbach in the Alpbachtal valley is located in the…
  3. Austrian Alpine Association Museum Innsbruck

    Austrian Alpine Association Museum Innsbruck

    This museum illustrates the history of the Österreichischer Alpenverein (OeAV) and…
  4. Alpinarium Galtür

    Alpinarium Galtür

    The Alpinarium consists of an exhibition, a café, an indoor climbing wall, an…
  5. Museum of Anatomy Innsbruck

    Museum of Anatomy Innsbruck

    The former Institute of Anatomy in Innsbruck houses an impressive collection of…
  6. Anich-Hueber Museum Oberperfuss

    Anich-Hueber Museum Oberperfuss

    The Anich-Hueber Museum, more than 100 years old and the oldest village museum of…
  7. Archaeological Museum Fliess

    Archaeological Museum Fliess

    The Archaeological Museum of Fliess and the Via Claudia Augusta Documentation…
  8. Augustine Museum Rattenberg

    Augustine Museum Rattenberg

    This museum has been inaugurated in 1993 in Rattenberg and is a former Augustinian…
  9. aut. architektur und tirol

    aut. architektur und tirol

    Exhibitions, presentations, discussions, and much more expect you in the historic…
  10. Mountain farmers’ museum Wildschönau

    Mountain farmers’ museum Wildschönau

    The historic walls of the “z’Bach” museum in Wildschönau would have much to tell…
  11. Mining Museum Hall in Tirol

    Mining Museum Hall in Tirol

    In the heart of the old town of Hall in Tirol the Mining Museum offers an…
  12. TYROL PANORAMA with Kaiserjäger Museum

    TYROL PANORAMA with Kaiserjäger Museum

    The Cyclorama of Innsbruck, the highlight of the museum, is a 360 degree portrayal…
  13. House of Fasnacht Nassereith

    House of Fasnacht Nassereith

    The custom of the “Nassereither Schellerlaufen” in the Carnival period is explained…
  14. Ferdinandeum Innsbruck

    Ferdinandeum Innsbruck

    The name of the Tyrolean State Museum is referable to Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.
  15. Grand Piano Museum Nufels

    Grand Piano Museum Nufels

    The piano house of Anton Wille in the Kaunertal valley has a particular layout,…
  16. Ganghofer Museum in Leutasch

    Ganghofer Museum in Leutasch

    The Ganghofer Museum in Leutasch documents life and work of the writer Ludwig…
  17. Grassmayr Bells Museum

    Grassmayr Bells Museum

    For 14 generations the Grassmayr family has been producing bells for the whole world.
  18. House of Fasnacht Imst

    House of Fasnacht Imst

    On 2012 the Imst Carnival was inscribed on the Representative List of the…
  19. Local and Crib Museum Zirl

    Local and Crib Museum Zirl

    The collection of Christmas and Lent Cribs is the central topic of the Local and…
  20. Achental Local Museum

    Achental Local Museum

    The Achental Local Museum in Achenkirch is located in a beautiful old farmhouse.
  21. Local Museum “Das Grüne Haus” Reutte

    Local Museum “Das Grüne Haus” Reutte

    The local museum of Reutte is situated in a green house decorated with facade…
  22. Pfunds Local Museum

    Pfunds Local Museum

    This local museum in the Tiroler Oberland area is situated in a lovely farmhouse…
  23. Local Museum Tannheimer Tal

    Local Museum Tannheimer Tal

    The varying local museum in the Tannheimer valley invites you to a time journey…
  24. Tarrenz Local Museum

    Tarrenz Local Museum

    The Local Museum in Tarrenz shows interesting details about former life and work of…
  25. Carnival Museum Absam (Matschgerer-Museum)

    Carnival Museum Absam (Matschgerer-Museum)

    The Carnival people of Absam, called Matschgerer in German, document the history of…
  26. Hall Mint Museum and Mint Tower

    Hall Mint Museum and Mint Tower

    Hasegg Castle in the medieval town of Hall in Tirol is the birthplace of the dollar…
  27. Museum der Völker (Museum of People)

    Museum der Völker (Museum of People)

    This museum in Schwaz, the unique ethnographic museum of western Austria,…
  28. Museum im Ballhaus

    Museum im Ballhaus

    This museum is placed in a building dating back to the 16th century and documents…
  29. Museum of local history Fügen

    Museum of local history Fügen

    This museum illustrates folk culture and tradition of the Zillertal valley and the…
  30. Kitzbühel Town Museum

    Kitzbühel Town Museum

    The museum in the back town of Kitzbühel tells about the history of the town and…
  31. Open-Air Mining Museum Gurgltal

    Open-Air Mining Museum Gurgltal

    The open-air mining museum “Knappenwelt Gurgltal” in Tarrenz shows a recreated…
  32. Museum of St. Johann in Tirol

    Museum of St. Johann in Tirol

    The museum and gallery of the municipality of St. Johann are housed in two…
  33. Tyrolean Farmhouse Museum

    Tyrolean Farmhouse Museum

    This Tyrolean open-air museum is located between Innsbruck and Kufstein and has…
  34. Cemetery Museum Kramsach

    Cemetery Museum Kramsach

    The quirkiest museum of Tyrol is the “Funny cemetery without any dead persons” with…
  35. Saint Notburga Museum

    Saint Notburga Museum

    The Notburga-Museum in the municipality of Eben am Achensee is the only museum of…
  36. Oetztal folklore and outdoor museum

    Oetztal folklore and outdoor museum

    The folklore museum close to Längenfeld provides interesting information about…
  37. Radio Museum Innsbruck

    Radio Museum Innsbruck

    The Radio Museum of the radio engineer Hans Schuchter in Innsbruck offers several…
  38. Rhaetian Museum Hohe Birga

    Rhaetian Museum Hohe Birga

    The museum in Birgitz tells about the Raeti, pre-Roman inhabitants of Tyrol who…
  39. Roman city and museum Aguntum

    Roman city and museum Aguntum

    The Roman settlement “Municipium Claudium Aguntum” is located in the municipality…
  40. Typewriter Museum Wattens

    Typewriter Museum Wattens

    The modern typewriter museum tells about the development of the typewriter and writing.
  41. Local museum and ski museum St. Anton am Arlberg

    Local museum and ski museum St. Anton am Arlberg

    This interesting museum illustrates the development of alpine skiing in a very clear way.
  42. Municipal archive and museum of Innsbruck

    Municipal archive and museum of Innsbruck

    The municipal archive and the connected municipal museum show the history of…
  43. Timmelsjoch Pass Museum

    Timmelsjoch Pass Museum

    The “Timmelsjoch Experience” offers five stations with interesting information…
  44. Tiroler Bienenwelt apiary

    Tiroler Bienenwelt apiary

    Experience a Tyrolean apiary in a 400 year old farmhouse and immerse into the world…
  45. Tyrolean Wood Museum

    Tyrolean Wood Museum

    The 1st Tyrolean Wood Museum with its thematic path is located in Auffach in the…
  46. Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage

    Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage

    The Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage in Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful…
  47. Tyrolean Folk Song Archive

    Tyrolean Folk Song Archive

    The Tyrolean Folk Song Archive in Innsbruck is dedicated to Tyrolean Folk Music.
  48. Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum

    Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum

    Europe’s highest motorbike museum at the Top Mountain X-Cross Point is located at…
  49. Oetz Tower Museum

    Oetz Tower Museum

    The Tower Museum in Oetz shows the unique collection of landscape paintings of the…
  50. Zeughaus (Armoury) Innsbruck

    Zeughaus (Armoury) Innsbruck

    The Zeughaus, the Regional Museum, originally was a weapon stockpile.
  51. Zugspitz Adventure Museum

    Zugspitz Adventure Museum

    At the summit of the almost 3,000 m high Zugspitze mountain the interesting…

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