Castles are spread all over Tyrol, representing attractions that make even rainy days adventuresome in your holidays.

They tower into the deep blue sky and can be seen from afar - numerous castles and ancient mansions are spread all over North and East Tyrol, some of them can also be visited (pic: Ambras Castle in Innsbruck).

Historical walls, defensive corridors, portrait galleries and castle chapels take you back in ancient times. From Landeck Castle in Landeck to the Imperial Court of Innsbruck and Bruck Castle near Lienz in East Tyrol - accompany us in our time journey!

  1. Berneck Castle

    Berneck Castle

    High above the entrance of the Kaunertal valley, there is Castel Berneck, often…
  2. Freundsberg Castle

    Freundsberg Castle

    Freundsberg Castle hosts the museum of the city of Schwaz and is a very popular…
  3. Heinfels Castle

    Heinfels Castle

    Above the eponymous village in the Alta Pusteria valley the impressive Heinfels…
  4. Laudegg Castle

    Laudegg Castle

    Castel Laudegg, or Laudeck, is located at the high-plateau of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis…
  5. Fortress ensemble Ehrenberg

    Fortress ensemble Ehrenberg

    The adventure and family museum “Dem Ritter auf der Spur” and a nature exhibition…
  6. Rabenstein castle ruin

    Rabenstein castle ruin

    At Virgen in East Tyrol, there is one of the highest-located castle complexes of…
  7. Kufstein Fortress

    Kufstein Fortress

    The emblem of the city of Kufstein, the fortress with its open-air area, is a…
  8. Imperial Court of Innsbruck

    Imperial Court of Innsbruck

    The Imperial Court of Innsbruck at the entrance to the historic district is the…
  9. Finstermünz Fortress

    Finstermünz Fortress

    The Finstermünz Fortress, or Altfinstermünz, is located at the foot of the…
  10. Ambras Castle Innsbruck

    Ambras Castle Innsbruck

    Ambras Castle, located in Innsbruck, is closely linked to the personality of…
  11. Anras Castle

    Anras Castle

    The museum of the Hochpustertal valley and the court museum were housed in Anras…
  12. Bruck Castle

    Bruck Castle

    For 70 years now, Bruck Castle is the museum of the city of Lienz in East Tyrol.
  13. Landeck Castle

    Landeck Castle

    Landeck Castle, the emblem of the city of Landeck, is located on a steep rock spur…
  14. Mariastein Castle

    Mariastein Castle

    Mariastein Castle with its castle museum is majestically enthroned above the…
  15. Matzen Castle

    Matzen Castle

    Matzen Castle is perfectly integrated into the nature of the Inntal valley -…
  16. Naudersberg Castle

    Naudersberg Castle

    The former court castle is enthroned on a hill in the border triangle Italy -…
  17. Sigmundsried Castle

    Sigmundsried Castle

    Sigmundsried Castle, located on a terrace in the Upper Inntal valley, is one of the…
  18. Tratzberg Castle

    Tratzberg Castle

    Tratzberg Castle, located high above the Inntal valley, is a real Renaissance gem.

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