Return of the cattle

Every year in Tyrol some 180,000 horses, sheep, steers and goats spend their summer on more than 2,600 lush alpine pastures.

Not only humans go on summer holidays, but also animals need a break from time to time… for this reason every year some 180,000 sheep, steers, horses and goats spend their “summer vacation” on the alpine pastures of Tyrol. Lorries take the cattle to their summer quarters. If the cattle would stay down in the valley during summer, alpine pastures would become overgrown and farmers also had to buy additional food. Every day, a cow grazes some 100 square metres, what is also beneficial for the pastures.

Towards the end of summer, of course also the cattle would like to return into their stables. A change of surroundings is refreshing, but sooner or later also animals love to return home, don’t they? And exactly the day when the cattle returns from alpine pastures, is celebrated in Tyrol.

On this occasion cows are lushly decorated with flowers and garlands as well as bells. It’s like a fashion show for our four-legged friends and of course every cow would like to be the most beautiful. In the meantime in the valley the farmers prepare traditional delicacies. Of course there is also music and entertainment and everyone celebrates and waits for the cattle returning from the alpine pastures. Often this is also the day when the sheep are clipped.

Almabtrieb with festival   

from 09/24/2016 to 10/01/2016, 2 occurrences

Hooo-Ruck festival - cattle drive   

from 09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016, 3 occurrences

Cattle drive at the Hub'n Bauer farm   

on 10/01/2016

Mayrhofen cattle drive   

on 10/01/2016

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