Silver mine Schwaz

The “mother of all mines”, the silver mine of Schwaz, is the biggest silver mine of the Middle Ages.

A visit to the silver mine Schwaz takes you back into a time in which the world was still considered to be flat. This journey starts in front of the Sigmund gallery, from where the mining rail-road takes you 800 m into the gallery. Here you can experience the mine with all senses and follow in the steps of the miners.

“Good luck”, that’s how you are welcomed once arrived at the centre of the mine, where more than 11,000 miners were working so hard more than 500 years ago. In the course of time the silver mine Schwaz became the main silver mine worldwide and was known far beyond the borders in the 15th century. A surge of immigration characterised Schwaz in the 15th century and this is how it became one of the largest municipalities of Austria, second only to Vienna.

A visit to the silver mine Schwaz takes you back into the Middle Ages. Enjoy the classic guided tour offered in the mine: the tour of 90 minutes provides an insight into to role of Schwaz in the Middle Ages and the life of the miners at those days. In addition the silver mine offers a museum shop, the “Silbershop”, where visitors can acquire local minerals as well as background information on the history of Schwaz. Do you want something more personal? You can also mint your own coin… great, isn’t it?

Where: Alte Landstrasse Road, Schwaz
Peculiarity: the biggest silver mine of the Middle Ages
Opening hours summer: from May to September 2017
daily from 9 am to 5 pm
Opening hours winter: from October 2016 to April 2017
daily from 10 am to 4 pm
Nov 14 - Dec 25, 2016: closed (maintenance works)
Ticket (adults): 17.00 Euros, family ticket available

Further information: phone: +43 5242 72372,

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