Wetterstein mountain chain

The Zugspitze, which is the highest peak of Germany, is the most famous mountain of the Wetterstein mountain chain.

The Wetterstein mountain chain is a compact mountain chain between Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mittenwald, Seefeld in Tyrol and Ehrwald and extends in Bavaria in Germany as well as in the province of Tyrol. The mountain chain is bounded by the Ammergau Alps in the north, the Bavarian pre-Alps in the north east, the Karwendel mountain chain in the east and the Mieminger mountain chain in the south.

Like the neighbouring mountain chains also the Wetterstein mountain chain dates back millions of years and was formed out of sedimentations of the Tethys sea. These layers of seashells as well as corals folded up later on and formed the Wetterstein.

Peaks: the most famous mountain of the Wetterstein mountain chain, the Zugspitze mountain (2,962 m), is at the same time the highest mountain of Germany. The other high summits of the Wetterstein mountain chain are the Schneefernerkopf (2,875 m), Zugspitzeck (2,820 m), the Nördliche, Mittlere and Östliche Wetterspitze (2,750 m, 2,750 m, 2,720 m), the Mittlere, Innere and Äussere Höllentalspitze (2,745 m, 2,743 m, 2,721 m) and the Hochwanner (2,746 m).

Trails: the Wetterstein mountain chain is an eldorado for alpinists and climbers, who often have to face huge altitude differences. Moreover the red path of the Via Alpina traverses the Wetterstein mountain chain. It also offers fixed rope routes of various levels of difficulty, e.g. on the Riffelscharte, on the Zugspitze mountain, on the Schneefernerkopf and the popular Alpspitze. Popular starting points for hikes in the Wetterstein mountain chain are Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria and Ehrwald in Tyrol.

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