Glacier Trail Innergschlöss

In the Venediger Group in East Tyrol, you can experience the world of glaciers along a nature trail.

The glacier education path in the High Tauern National Park starts in Innergschlöss, one of the most beautiful alpine valley heads. From the Matreier Tauernhaus tavern at 1,511 m asl, Innergschlöss is accessible within a 1.5-hour walk and proceeds past the rock-hewn chapel. Alternatively you can use the shuttle service to come there.

The glacier path leads you from Innergschlöss in 4 hours (500 metres in altitude) and past 24 observation points across the impressive Venediger Group with its glaciers, which formed this natural landscape. Unique and spectacular nature and flora and fauna such as the lammergeier can be watched from close up.

One highlight along the path is the deep blue Salzbodensee lake (2,137 m asl) and another small mountain lake with cotton grass, called “Eye of God”. Also impressive is the end of the path, the forefield of the Schlaten Glacier, where you can experience the power of nature from close up. By the way: in summer, guided tours with the national park rangers are on offer.

Where: head of the Gschlösstal valley, East Tyrol
Characteristics: theme trail in the unforgettable landscape of the High Tauern National Park
Further information: phone: +43 4875 5161-10,

Opening hours: during summer months
freely accessible

Tickets (adults):
free, guided tours on request

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