Lechtal - Tannheimer Tal - Zugspitz Arena

The holiday area Lechtal - Tannheimer Tal - Zugspitz Arena is located in the furthest west of North Tyrol.

This holiday area is a little nature paradise located in the great world of mountains of the Lechtal Alps and the Ammergebirge mountain range. The nature park region Reutte, the so-called “Gate to Tyrol”, extends from the Tannheimer valley to the Allgäu region. Rural charme and municipal flair meet in the chief city Reutte and make your holidays even more varied. A look out of the window speaks for itself!

A very popular hike in the holiday area takes you to the Alpine Flower Garden at the Hahnenkamm mountain, where you come to see about 600 plant species. This excursion destination can easily be reached by the Reuttener Seilbahnen lift facilities. In winter, however, there are skiing areas like the ski region Tiroler Zugspitz Arena with 142 km of ski slopes and 47 lift facilities. The “Allgäu-Tyrol-Hiking-Card” and the “Allgäu-Tyrol-Ski-Card” offer even more favourable and unforgettable holidays.

  1. Bach

    The municipality of Bach, a little village including several hamlets and farm…
  2. Berwang

    Berwang invites you to a special mountain vacation in the holiday area Zugspitz Arena.
  3. Biberwier

    The name Biberwier derives from the beavers that lived in this area of the Zugspitz…
  4. Bichlbach

    Bichlbach, including the localities Wengle and Lähn, is a former mining village…
  5. Breitenwang

    The popular holiday resort Breitenwang is located in the valley basin of Reutte.
  6. Ehenbichl

    Ehenbichl is located in the valley basin of Reutte, far away from hustle and bustle.
  7. Ehrwald

    Ehrwald is a small Tyrolean village in the Wetterstein mountain chain in the area…
  8. Elbigenalp

    Elbigenalp, located in the heart of the Lechtal valley, is a stronghold regarding culture.
  9. Elmen

    The villages of Elmen and Martinau form the municipality of Elmen in the beautiful…
  10. Forchach

    The municipality of Forchach extends from the Lech river to the…
  11. Gramais

    Gramais in the beautiful Lechtal valley is the smallest autonomous municipality of…
  12. Grän

    Grän is a little village near Lake Haldensee in the beautiful Tannheimer valley.
  13. Häselgehr

    The holiday resort of Häselgehr, including several hamlets, is located in the upper…
  14. Heiterwang

    The holiday resort Heiterwang is located in idyllic position at the shores of the…
  15. Hinterhornbach

    The mountain village of Hinterhornbach is located in the Hornbachtal valley, a side…
  16. Höfen

    The holiday resort of Höfen extends to the 1,938 m high Hahnenkamm mountain.
  17. Holzgau

    Holzgau, the pearl of the Lechtal valley, extends on the alluvial cone of the…
  18. Jungholz

    The municipality of Jungholz in the Tannheimer valley is accessible via a road from…
  19. Kaisers

    Kaisers is located in a side valley of the Lechtal valley at 1,518 m asl.
  20. Lähn-Wengle

    The localities of Lähn and Wengle, located next to each other, are part of the…
  21. Lechaschau

    The nature park village Lechaschau is located in the valley basin of Reutte on the…
  22. Lermoos

    At the foot of the Zugspitze mountain, there is the holiday village Lermoos.
  23. Musau

    The little village of Musau with its 400 inhabitants is located in the north of Reutte.
  24. Namlos

    The village of Namlos with its component locality Kelmen includes some 100 inhabitants.
  25. Nesselwängle

    Nesselwängle with its three component localities Rauth, Schmitte and Haller is…
  26. Pfafflar

    The municipality of Pfafflar is located in the quaint Bschlabertal valley,…
  27. Pflach

    Pflach is an elongated row village, located only 2 km from Reutte.
  28. Pinswang

    Pinswang is located in the north of Reutte at the border of a basin-like extension…
  29. Reutte

    The market town of Reutte is located at the Lech river at the border to the…
  30. Schattwald

    Schattwald with its hamlets and farms is the most western village of the beautiful…
  31. Stanzach

    The cosy village of Stanzach is located at the junction of the Namloser and Lechtal…
  32. Steeg

    The village of Steeg is the last municipality of the Lechtal valley before reaching…
  33. Tannheim

    In the heart of the natural reserve “Natura 2000″, there is the holiday resort Tannheim.
  34. Vils

    Already in 1327 AD King Ludwig IV vested the municipality of Vils with town privileges.
  35. Vorderhornbach

    Vorderhornbach is located in the anterior part of the Hornbachtal valley, branching…
  36. Wängle

    Wängle is located at the foot of the skiing and hiking area Reuttener Hahnenkamm as…
  37. Weissenbach am Lech

    The holiday resort of Weissenbach am Lech is located at the junction of the Lechtal…
  38. Zöblen

    Zöblen, the smallest locality of the Tannheimer valley, is located at 1,087 m asl.

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